Jan Frank is a Dutch-born artist who moved to America as a child and since establishing himself in New York in 1975 has exhibited widely throughout the world.


Frank grew up throughout the Midwest, most notably coming of age in the early 70s at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he was deeply involved in radical politics at the time of its most active student protests, though he eventually refused to take armed action.

Winning a place at the prestigious Independent Study Program of the Whitney Museum he moved to downtown Manhattan in 1975 and has lived there in the same loft ever since. At that period he was a longtime denizen of Max's Kansas City, CBGB and other celebrated clubs of the era.

Over the years fellow artists with whom Frank has worked include everyone from Sherrie Levine and Cady Noland to the late John Chamberlain with whom he planned a series of drawings in response to his sculpture.


Frank began his career as a precocious teenager creating large scale photorealist paintings, though by the time of his first exhibitions in New York he was a pioneer in the use of video creating groundbreaking installations of video-sculpture. Following a period of 'appropriation' paintings on plywood (1993-98) Frank developed a series of works based on abstracted motifs drawn from Nixon and Kissinger, the latter politician being photographed before his eponymous painting at the Four Seasons restaurant. Most recently Frank has become best known for lyrical and seemingly abstract drawings and large-scale paintings, though he continues to use life models in his studio to create these works.

Frank has exhibited his work with a range of galleries including Salvatore Ala, Danese, Valeria Belvedere, Postmasters, Paul Kasmin, Tim Olsen in Sydney and at both the Fodor and the Merchant's House in his native Amsterdam.


Frank has organized numerous exhibitions including a series of shows at the Billy Lee Thompson gallery on the Bowery, not least Wiser Than God, an exhibition of practising artists aged 83 and over, as a response to the New Museum's show Younger Than Jesus featuring artists aged 33 and under. Most recently he curated two exhibitions at Whitebox Art Center in New York,  Zero + and a retrospective of painter Hyman Bloom.


Jan Frank (American, b. Amsterdam) is an international painter. He has been showing in New York and abroad for the past 25 years. His work is represented in major private collections as well as in museums.

Born in 1951, Amsterdam, Holland
Currently lives and works in New York City, Maine and Europe.


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Solo Exhibitions

2018 Expo Chicago, USA/ Nahmad Project London

2018 London, UK / Nahmad Projects

2017 New York City/ Jan Frank paintings curated by Glen O’brien

2014 New York City/ Nahmad Contemporary / “Crush”

2013 Amsterdam / The Merchant House / “Paintings and Drawings/Old and New”

2012 Australia / Tim Olsen Gallery / "Minimalism to Modernism"

2011 New York City / Paul Kasmin Gallery / “7 Months, 33 Drawings & One Painting”

2010 Des Moines, Iowa / Steven Vail Fine Arts / “New Paintings and Drawings”

2009 New York City / BLT Gallery / “Kissinger and the Ladies”

2008 New York City / GROUPE / Installation : Ala Paintings (1994-98) and hand made T-shirts

2006 The Netherlands / Kunstruimte Wagemans / "NIXON"

2004 Beetsterzwaag, Netherlands / Kunstruimte Wagemans / “New Paintings and Drawings”

Palermo, Italy / Francesco Pantaleone arte Contemporanea / “New Paintings and Drawings”

New York City / The Whitney Museum Fifth Annual Madison Avenue “Where Fashion Meets Art” Lalique Installation / “Selected Paintings and Drawings”

2002 Beetsterzwaag, Netherlands / Kunstruimte Wagemans / “New Paintings and Drawings”

2001 Beetsterzwaag, Netherlands / Kunstruimte Wagemans / “New Paintings and Drawings”

2000 Des Moines, Iowa / Steven Vail Fine Arts / “Jan Frank and Bob Stanley: Paintings and Drawings”

1999 Munich, Germany / Galerie Paal / “New Paintings and Drawings”

1997/8 New York City / Danese / “New Paintings and Drawings”

Des Moines, Iowa / Vail Giesler Galleries / “Jan Frank and George Sugarman”

1995 Munich, Germany / Galerie Paal / “New Paintings and Drawings”

San Antonio, Texas / Parchman Stremmel Galleries / “New Paintings and Drawings”

Milan, Italy / Galeria Valeria Belvedere / “New Paintings and Drawings”

1994 Amsterdam, Netherlands / Galerie Fons Welters / “New Paintings and Drawings”

Munich, Germany / Galerie Paal / “New Paintings and Drawings”

New York City / Salvatore Ala Gallery / “New Paintings and Drawings”

1992 Amsterdam, Netherlands / Museum Fodor / “Jan Frank / Peer Veneman”

1989 New York CIty / Postmasters Gallery / “New Work”

1987 New York CIty / Postmasters Gallery / “New Work”

1986 New York CIty / Postmasters Gallery / “New Work”

1978 Albany, New York / Workspace / Video and Sculpture Installation

1977 New York City / The Kitchen / Video and Sculpture Installation

Buffalo, New York / Gallery 219 / Video and Sculpture Installation

Binghampton, New York / Experimental Television Center / Video and Sculpture Installation


2004 Groningen, Frank Mohr Instituut, Netherlands

2003 Groningen Art Academy, Groningen, Netherlands

2001 Jan Frank: The Female Nude, Montclair State University, NJ
Groningen Art Academy, Groningen, Netherlands

1997 Jan Frank: Abstract Painting, Montclair State University, NJ

Groningen Art Academy, with Norman Bluhm, Groningen, Netherlands

American Abstract paintings-50's into the 90's, New Arts program,
Lehigh Valley and Berks, Pennsylvania

Group Exhibitions

1999 Munich, Germany / Galerie Paal / “5th Anniversary Show”

Beetsterzwaag, Netherlands / Kunstruimte Wagemans / “Paintings: A Selection”

1998 New York City / Gaga Gallery / “The Jewel Box Project Benefit Show - Bang on the Can”

New York City / Avanti Galleries Inc / “On Paper”

New York City / Danese / “Drawings”

Des Moines, Iowa / Steven Vail Fine Arts / “Paintings”

Beetsterzwaag, Netherlands / Kunstruimte Wagemans / “Selected Paintings”

1997 New York City / Danese / “Selected Works”

New York City / Apex Art / “Colorflex” curated by Raphael Rubenstein

Beetsterzwaag, Netherlands / Kunstruimte Wagemans / “Bluhm, Burton, Frank”

1996 Des Moines, Iowa / Vail Giesler Gallery / “Frank, Utterback, Judd, Rosenquist”

Groningen, Netherlands / “Influenced by Mondrian” curated by A.F. Wagemans,

1995 New York City / Rosenberg/Kaufman Fine Art / “Basic Marks, Black and White Paintings”

York Harbor, Maine / Hollander Gallery / “Frank and Friends”

Mexico City / El Arte del Arte Taurino Palace of Fine Arts Mexico City / “Pinturerias”

Lorient, France / Galerie de L’Ecole des Beaux Arts de Lorient / “Le Temps d’un Dessin”

1994 New York City / Salvatore Ala Gallery / “New York Abstract Painting”

1993 New York City / The Drawing Center / “The Return of the Cadaver Exquis Bino Bonofia Ausstelung”

New York City / Salvatore Ala Gallery / “Paintings”

1992 Amsterdam, Netherlands / Art et Amicitae / “A Marked Difference”

Amsterdam, Netherlands / Galerie Onrust / “Frank/ Veneman”

1990 New York CIty / Postmasters Gallery

1989 New York CIty / Postmasters Gallery

New York CIty / The Gallery

1988 New York CIty / Postmasters Gallery

1987 Islip, New York / Islip Art Museum / “Geometry”

New York CIty / Postmasters Gallery

New York City / Gabrielle Bryers Gallery

1986 Bard, New York / Proctor Art Center/Bard College / “The Readymade Painted”

New York CIty / Postmasters Gallery

Montclair, New Jersey / Montclair State University Gallery / “Artists Choose Artists”

1985 New York City / Light Gallery / “The Camel Light Show”


1974/5 Independent Study Program, Whitney Museum, New York
1972 BFA, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Wisconsin


Kunstruimte Wagemans - Beetsterzwaag, The Netherlands.
Salvatore & Caroline Ala Galeria - Milan, Italy.
Galeria Valeria Belvedere - Milan, Italy.
Galerie Paal - Munich, Germany.
Steven Vail Fine Arts - Des Moines, Iowa.
Francescopantaleone arte Contemporanea -Palermo, Italy
Paul Kasmin Gallery - New York, NY
Tim Olsen Gallery - Sydney, Australia