nahmad contemporary 

gangster of love
A series of drawings for John Chamberlain
Nahmad Contemporary, June 2014

“John and I had a relationship for almost 25 years, always with the idea of showing together. Upon viewing his last show at Gagosian Gallery, NYC (2011). I was prompted to title and dedicate to him a large series of drawings I was about to embark on, positioning me to twist the lines to compress a form akin to the totem.  In the “Crush” series for John Chamberlain, I found the sculptures produced for John’s last show so elegantly monumental, that homage to his work felt so honorable, and this reflection injected a sculptural glamour into my drawings; it gave me a new step.

These works were destined for three international shows, and posted on December 20, 2011.  However, upon learning of John’s passing the following day, I instinctively had them sent back immediately. It felt only natural that they be shown together as a group.  This exhibition brings to fruition my wish for a totality of this series to be shown in a manner which seems apt.” —Jan Frank

Selected Works: drawings

@ Mixed media on paper